My Mission

S.P.E.A.K. is the acronym I developed:
Sharing Personal Experience And Knowledge
...toward self-empowerment

My name is Bonni Canavan and I am grateful for my personal experience, and education, which allowed me to create positive changes in my life, resulting in higher self regard and greater peace of mind.

Many many supports and resources assisted me along that journey—and still do.

I want to reach out to offer these tools to others. It is my pleasure to advocate for others wanting to take back their personal power and become their greatest version. Recognition that “life is happening FOR you, not TO you” can be the first important step toward regaining your power. My 'Personal Experience and Knowledge' is available to share with YOU - so that you may live the peaceful empowered life you deserve. And because I believe that giving is receiving, through this work I continue to benefit personally as well.

What I've Achieved

  • Coaching Certification by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. @ Hay House U

  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

  • Trained Crisis Counselor for 24-hour Hotline

  • Developed Empowerment Stress Relief Workshops

  • Provide Tools and Resources to facilitate each client's growth

  • Developed the Stress Busters Self-care Series and Self-Care Bootcamp

I'm dedicated to empowering individuals with tools to increase self-awareness, take back their personal power and to become their greatest versions.
In this effort, I offer free resources, workshops, and individual coaching to help you connect with your inner wisdom and become your greatest version.
Please enjoy the daily videos on my YouTube channel designed to provide support and inspire your journey. *

*Coaching services offer supportive tools that can help individuals improve self confidence and reach personal goals. It is not a substitute for psychological or emotional counseling, therapy or medical support.